Tim’s* life had never been easy. Though his mother poured herself into his childhood, he barely knew his father. Every time he went to a school sporting event and saw the dads cheering on their sons, he was reminded how much he’d never really had. 

His heart ached for his dad.

No matter what, Tim swore that he was going to be better than his father. He wasn’t going to abandon his children. 

One day, Tim met Cindy*. As soon as he saw her, he was in love. It didn’t take long for their relationship to become serious despite Cindy’s situation. Cindy had a young child from a previous relationship. Tim didn’t care. Much like Joseph in the nativity story, Tim was committed to helping her raise this baby like it was his own. Cindy’s baby would have a dad. As Tim spent time with Cindy and her child, he dreamt of the future and having a family of their own.

Then, Cindy discovered that she was pregnant with Tim’s baby. Tim was overjoyed, but Cindy was devastated. She didn’t share Tim’s dreams of starting a family or having more children together. She told Tim that she was going to have an abortion.

Tim’s mind raced with questions. He knew he needed to speak to someone, but didn’t know who to turn to. So, he went online to find out more about abortion. Thanks to your generosity, he saw an ad for the Pregnancy Decision Line and dialed the number. 

As the coach spoke with him, it became clear that Tim wanted a family. He wanted to be there for Cindy and their baby. But he didn’t know how to best support her and encourage her to choose life for their baby. His coach stepped in and gave him the guidance and encouragement he needed to go back to Cindy with grace and confidence. Most importantly, you made it possible for the coach to share the Gospel with Tim and point him to the loving arms of a dad who would never abandon him”¦ His heavenly Father.

Care Net’s President and CEO Roland Warren often says, “Children have a hole in their soul in the shape of their dads.” Tim had this unfilled hole and he desperately wanted to prevent his children from having it, too.

Thank you for making it possible for Tim to hear a voice of hope and encouragement on his journey to becoming the best dad he can be. 

*names changed to protect client privacy