“Cancelled?!” Melody* exclaimed, almost dropping her phone.

She could hardly believe it. All the plans she’d made for ending her pregnancy were shattered with one little word. All the self-talk she’d practiced for driving to the clinic…The struggle to find the cash for “the procedure”… The trouble she’d gone through to get time off work”¦ It all went up in smoke with one little word from the scheduler at her local abortion clinic.

When the rush of emotions passed, she began to wonder if this was a sign that she needed to think about it some more. Online, she found a phone number for Care Net’s national hotline. Thinking it over, she thought that talking to someone might help. It might even answer some questions she had about “the procedure.”

The coach on the other end of the line was very kind and professional when she answered and as she listened to Melody’s story. When Melody mentioned she was a Christian, the conversation quickly shifted to spiritual matters. The more they talked, the more Melody realized that she felt like she was meant to have this conversation.

Little by little, Melody came to grips with how lost she really felt. She thought she knew what she was doing before, but now, after talking to the coach, she wasn’t so sure. She knew that was carrying a living person inside of her, and ending that fragile life””even if it seemed “easier”””wasn’t the answer. Melody realized that God had brought her to this place with this coach so that she could know that carrying her baby to term was the right decision.

Many women faced with a pregnancy decision feel shock with the discovery, anxiety as they consider the future, and fear of the unknown. Thanks to your generous support, services like our national hotline offer mothers and fathers peace of mind in knowing they have realistic alternatives, and that someone is out there who cares for them and wants to help.

Please join us in praying for parents like Melody to find the guidance they need to follow the path God has for them to choose life for their unborn child and to find the Abundant Life available to them in Christ.