Maria* was excited about her future. She was engaged to a wonderful guy, and was part of a great church.

Her excitement turned to turmoil when she took a pregnancy test “¦ POSITIVE.

With her wedding months away, Maria didn’t feel ready for a baby.

Ben*, her fiancé, wanted her to get an abortion. “It will be easier than having a baby right now. We have plenty of time to start our family later.” He was adamant that he didn’t want her to have their baby. Maria was conflicted. She wanted to keep her baby, but she also didn’t want to lose Ben. She didn’t want him to leave her and she was afraid of raising a baby alone.

Unsure of what to do, Maria began to research her options online. Ben was with her when she found the number for our national hotline, Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL). She decided to go ahead and call. She really just needed a listening ear.

The coach who answered on the other end was warm and welcoming. Maria felt more comfortable than she thought she would. Ben stayed by her side during the entire call. Maria explained their dilemma, telling her coach that her fiancé was pressuring her to have an abortion. She also told the coach that she was a Christian, but she was still unsure whether having her baby was the right thing to do.

The coach talked her through her options, carefully answering all of Maria’s questions and waiting for the right opportunity to share a greater Source of Hope. Hearing someone talk positively about her pregnancy was a welcome change. Eventually the conversation turned to spiritual matters. Maria felt a stirring in her heart, and began to feel confident that God had a plan. She knew she had a little life inside of her, and began to see that her situation wasn’t as bad as she thought. While on the phone with the coach, she turned to her fiancé and said, “This baby will be a blessing. I think it’s a girl.”

To her surprise, the call with the PDL coach was influencing Ben as well. He listened thoughtfully to the conversation and his attitude changed before Maria’s eyes. By the end of the call, he was in agreement that they should not abort their child! Maria felt immense relief. Knowing that Ben would be with her to support her decision flooded her with hope for the future.

Thanks to your support of Pregnancy Decision Line, Maria and Ben have been empowered to choose life for their unborn child. Even though they had a Christian background and knew abortion wasn’t what God would want for them or their baby, their real fears made them susceptible to the lies of the abortion industry that abortion would be the best thing for all of them. Thank you for helping this family and others like it find ABUNDANT life through your support of Pregnancy Decision Line!