happy-pregnant-woman-in-shopping.jpg_s=1024x1024&w=is&k=20&c=dLfaEUVpngk-fgjCN3DBm9ojtT3LpqAB6vubXgvFVPQ=Harper’s change of heart

Harper* grabbed the happy Jack-o-Lantern bib from the rack, and put it into the cart. She was so excited to be picking out baby clothes!  A few weeks ago it was hard to believe this shopping trip could ever happen.

It wasn’t her original idea. Her mom and dad were angry she got pregnant with Moe’s* baby. Moe wasn’t their idea of a good boyfriend, let alone a good father for their baby. Even now, she wasn’t on speaking terms with her parents. If not for her sister, Kiki*, Harper didn’t know if she’d survived those first weeks. She told Kiki she didn’t really want an abortion because it felt so wrong, but she didn’t know how she was going to college with a baby. 

Kiki was in her corner. 

You Were in Harper’s Corner, Too

One day Kiki asked Harper if she wanted to talk to someone about the pregnancy and her options. She gave her a phone number for something called  Pregnancy Decision Line-a pregnancy hotline funded entirely by your generosity. 

She was glad she made that call. The hotline coach was kind, discreet, and listened to Harper’s fears. The coach really cared, and though Harper didn’t decide to keep the baby right away, that conversation was the first step. Harper began to think of a future for herself and her baby.

Thanks to you, Pregnancy Decision Line is available to help moms like Harper give their unborn children the abundant life God wants them to have. While big abortion and government funded services, like the abortion hotline, try to push moms toward abortion and a lifetime of regret, you offer them the life-giving alternatives that promise hope and transformation. 

Please pray for God to send help to moms like Harper from friends and family, like Kiki, who will be a voice of truth to persuade them to choose life for their unborn children. And please pray for our Pregnancy Decision Line coaches to have wisdom, compassion, and patience as they minister to those calling in their darkest hour.