The below is an actual email from NARAL Pro-Choice America to its subscribers.

The email is an impassioned solicitation for donations to support their new initiative to recruit and highlight pro-choice men. It’s called Men for Choice.

This could be a watershed moment in the fight to save the lives of unborn children. For years, the pro-choice movement has proclaimed that abortion “rights” are a “women’s issue.” Pro-life people could at least claim that they also paid attention to the needs of men, even if only a little. But now, the pro-choice movement is actively recruiting men into their movement by telling them the lie that the only choice they have is to be pro-choice. Not only is that ironic, but it is dangerous.

We must act now to show that we, too, welcome men into our movement because we want them to be the husbands and fathers that families need when lives are saved.

So, we’ve taken our red pen to NARAL’s email to set the record straight. Click the image below to see how we must respond to this attack on families.