Ayden Lincoln was left in a shoebox at a train station in China. She was just one-day-old and weighed only three pounds with her umbilical cord still attached. She was discovered and taken to a Chinese orphanage, but experienced severe neglect there for the next ten months.

But, God.

God was working on the hearts of Pennsylvania couple named Patrick and Christian Lincoln. The couple had two sons and wanted a daughter. The year before Ayden was born, they had begun the process of applying for a foreign adoption. When Ayden was ten months old, her parents flew to China to meet their new daughter and return her to the United States.

Ayden’s life and early trauma had an impact on her health. Her brain development had been harmed from the neglect in the orphanage. She struggled with ADHD, anxiety, and social and other mental health issues. Elementary school was an extremely difficult part of her journey, but the Lincoln’s didn’t give up finding the right support for their daughter.

Today, 18-year-old Ayden is preparing to graduate from high school. She’s launched a successful jewelry business, been a member of the National Honor Society, and even spoken with Miss Pennsylvania as an advocate for adoption. Ayden doesn’t believe any of this would be possible without her parents’ unconditional love and support.

In the personal account of her story, Ayden writes:

The world may stare and be afraid to ask questions because I do not look like my family; however, I often do not think about being adopted. Sure, there are times I wish I could go back to China just to hug my birth family and see someone who looks like me and let my birth family know I am alive and well . . . However, I am grateful to have my family in my life who will always love and support me no matter what.

The Lincoln’s followed a difficult and arduous path. From the hurdles and obstacles in the adoption process to the challenges of adopting a daughter who had suffered severe neglect, their unconditional love and commitment is inspiring. We may never know or see all of the fruit produced from their years of sacrifice. But it’s clear that their daughter Ayden is poised to be an advocate for life who will make a difference.

Tremendous stories like Ayden’s are another reason why Care Net is passionate about providing information on adoption as an alternative for abortion. When prospective parents can see the great hope that adoption brings as a child is offered the opportunity to live the life God designed them to live, they can be encouraged to also choose life for their child. Stories like Ayden’s remind us all that every baby deserves a chance at life.

Now, Ayden’s mission is to inspire others to adopt and not give up, no matter how hard it is. “Adoption is worth it,” she writes on her adoption advocacy website. Her story has been featured in local Pennsylvania newspapers as well as the Epoch Times and in several online publications.

Find out more at www.aydenlincoln.com