Samantha had always regretted her abortion. She was overwhelmed by shame every time she thought about the child she had never met. Whenever the feelings of guilt welled up, she pushed them back down so that she could cope and keep going.

When she found out she was pregnant again, Samantha’s heart was filled with fear. She didn’t have the finances or support she needed to bring a baby into the world. She reluctantly decided to get another abortion, seeing no other way.

Before the appointment, Samantha searched the internet looking for answers and found the number for Pregnancy Decision Line. She didn’t allow herself to hope that anyone would be able to help her, but she made the call.

She had no idea what to expect when she dialed the number. The first thing she noticed was the kindness in the coach’s voice. The coach gently asked Samantha what she wanted to do, not what she felt she had to do. Samantha took a deep breath and blurted out, “I want to keep my baby.”

Realistic Alternatives, Real Hope

The coach carefully assured Samantha that there were people who loved her and who wanted to help her in tangible ways. She provided Samantha with information about a local pregnancy center and told her about some of their specific services. She took time to listen while Samantha voiced her fears.

When the coach began to pray over the phone, Samantha felt a weight lifting from her shoulders and she began to cry. She realized that she wasn’t alone.

The coach was able to have a powerful conversation with Samantha about the gospel. Samantha listened intently as the coach explained that, through Christ’s sacrifice, freedom from shame is available to all. Although Samantha did not pray with the coach, it was apparent to her at the end of the call that the gospel had already begun to do a mighty work in Samantha’s heart.

Thanks to your generous support of Pregnancy Decision Line, not only are the lives of unborn babies being saved, but the hope of the gospel is freeing women from years of shame for past abortions. Thank you!