Esthers Story

You helped Esther choose LIFE when she was overwhelmed.

Esther* grabbed the chair for support as she felt her baby moving.

It seemed like yesterday she found out she was pregnant, and today she could actually feel a living person moving around inside. She wished she could feel more excited, but she felt numb instead. The more she thought about how things were, and how unready she was”¦ the more it just exhausted her.

The idea of raising the baby herself left Esther feeling completely overwhelmed. Adoption? To her in that moment, that felt like throwing in the towel and passing her baby off to a stranger. Abortion looked like the easier choice”¦but how could it be the right choice? 

Deep down, she knew whatever she chose was going to be hard, and it was going to hurt.

Facing Hard Choices… With Your Help

Not knowing what else to do, she browsed the internet for answers. After a few minutes, she found the number for the Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) – a national hotline funded entirely by your generosity. Dialing, Esther shared her worries with the PDL coach who answered the phone.

When Esther shared that she was a Christian, her coach gently shifted the conversation to faith so Esther could start to see how God had perfect control over every detail of her life. If this was true, then her and her baby’s future was a lot brighter than she’d imagined.

Esther no longer felt paralyzed.

When the call ended, the coach reassured Esther the local pregnancy center would be there for her”¦ no matter what. 

Esther walked away empowered to choose life

Sharing Life-Giving, Life-Changing, Life-Saving Truth

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to transform us from the inside out, but we don’t always walk as faithful followers. PDL, Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers, and our network of life-affirming churches help redirect parents back to the truth about who they are in Christ and the value of their unborn children to help them choose life.

Because of you, moms like Esther hear the truth that transforms their hearts to choose abundant life for themselves and for their unborn children. Thank you!