Does your birth determine your worth? In this episode of CareCast, Roland Warren, Care Net’s President and CEO, and Vincent DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, review a recent abortion law in Montana. They discuss the new law and draw similarities from the Dred Scott Supreme Court case.

It seems, even though both cases happened in different eras and different circumstances, it’s the same old sin rearing its ugly head. Let’s listen in on Roland and Vince’s conversation.

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Dred Scott and Abortion? 

Roland Warren wrote about Dred Scott and abortion recently. If you recall, Scott was a slave in Missouri who had been taken to the free state of Illinois, where he sued for his freedom. But his master claimed that he was still his property, and so he should be returned to him as a slave even though he was in a free state.

Sadly, the Supreme Court sided with the slave master and made this scary determination: once a slave, always a slave. If you were a slave in the United States, your slave master was always your slave master – until he decided that he wasn’t…

  • Even if you escaped and lived your life in a free state…
  • Even if the people in that free state wanted to help you restore your life and live as a free person…
  • …you still belonged to your slave master. 

Perhaps you’re thinking at this point, “what does all this have to do with abortion?”

Well, the state of Montana recently rejected a ballot initiative that would have made it illegal for medical professionals to deny medical care to survivors of abortion, leaving them to die. As it stands, the law in Montana states that if an unborn baby survives an abortion, it is legal to deny medical care to that now born child. 

How can this be a thing? Well, the law, with the support of a pro-choice culture, has determined that a child can be left to die because the mother of the child – in a legal sense – is the child’s owner. As Warren explains, “That child is essentially “enslaved” in the mother’s womb. And now, legally, even if the child “escapes” and finds “freedom” outside the womb, it still belongs to its mother, who has the power to be sure the child dies as she wanted.”

Listen to the full CareCast and remember, as Pro Abundant Life people, we believe that every human life is precious and worthy of protection. Let’s pray that our nation realizes the value of human life, and the value of the mothers and fathers who need our compassion, hope, and help every day so they can choose life for their unborn children and abundant life, in Christ, for their families. 



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