Helping men be the fathers God has called them to be is a central part of Care Net’s Pro Abundant Life vision, and we are so privileged to serve them. 

Recently, Care Net completed the “2023 Pro Abundant Life Fatherhood Project.” The project educated, equipped, and inspired 20 of our affiliated pregnancy centers to more effectively serve fathers in their communities. 

Care Net works to serve fathers through our network of 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers, our Pregnancy Decision Line hotline, and our growing network of partner churches because we know fathers are:

  1. valuable to God,
  2. highly influential in their partner’s pregnancy decision,
  3. and vital for the future well-being of their children.

While more than half of our affiliated pregnancy centers have programs for dads, Care Net strives to see dads served as an unquestioned and well-integrated part of every pregnancy center’s ministry.

Care Net’s national surveys found both women who have had abortions and men who have participated in abortions agree that the father of the child is the most influential voice, for good or for ill, in a decision for life or abortion. Prioritizing service to fathers helps save lives now and prevent future abortions by building strong families. 

I was especially excited about this project because we had nearly 1,300 fathers register for our brand new Doctor Dad® course. Doctor Dad® teaches healthcare and safety information to fathers of infants and toddlers, and helps dads be supportive during the pregnancy.

These efforts resulted in 19 centers who completed the program and saw a 39% increase in the number of men they served, totaling more than 6,000 dads served! We are confident that the lives of the mothers, babies, and the dads themselves will be transformed as a result of this heroic work by these pregnancy centers. 

This invaluable effort was made possible by the generosity of donors like you! We continue to be grateful for God’s provision and your generosity in enabling us to carry out this Pro Abundant Life work! Let’s continue to save unborn lives, build families, and share the gospel together. 

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