If you had met Destiny before her call to Pregnancy Decision Line, she would have told you she was a Christian. She tried to do what was right, to live a good life. And, from the outside, everything looked fine. What you couldn’t see was her inner turmoil as she wrestled with her positive pregnancy test.

Destiny knew abortion wouldn’t honor God, but God felt distant while her boyfriend was right there. When she told him the news “¦ he insisted she get an abortion. Her mom agreed that it was the only choice.

With no one else to turn to, she searched for abortion information and found the number for Pregnancy Decision Line.  She called and was immediately connected with a coach.

As Destiny explained her fears, the coach could tell that Destiny believed that abortion was sinful. As they talked about her faith, Destiny realized that she hadn’t been walking with God. She felt the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit, calling her to repentance.

So, she did. Right then and there, she prayed with her coach and rededicated her life to Christ! She then resolved to carry her baby to term, no matter what her mom and boyfriend said. Her coach was able to refer her to a local pregnancy center for ongoing support, making sure that Destiny has someone to walk alongside her through the journey ahead.

Your partnership with Care Net helps women like Destiny every day.

Destiny isn’t alone. Care Net’s research into abortion found that two out of five women who have abortions were attending church at least once a month at the time of their first abortion. The Guttmacher Institute reports that Christians account for 54% of abortions. Unexpected or unexpectedly complicated pregnancies isolate these women, leaving them feeling as though they have nowhere to turn and that abortion is their only option.

Every week, women walk out of church on Sunday and into Planned Parenthood on Monday.

That’s why it’s critical that we reach them with the hope of the gospel. Your on-going support ensures that there is always a coach equipped to have gospel conversations with women and men considering abortion before it’s too late.

All Destiny needed was one voice–one person brave enough affirm what she already knew: that the baby growing in her womb was a life worth protecting, not sacrificing.

Because of your support of Pregnancy Decision Line, two lives were saved that day and a daughter of the King of Kings returned to His loving arms.