Dawn* was at a crossroads. She sat in her room, watching the clouds roll by the window. She’d thought about maybe starting a family later in life, but she hadn’t planned on it being so soon. Dawn could hardly believe it. She was pregnant now, and that meant changes were coming into her life. 

But she wasn’t ready for that! Somewhere in her panic, she began considering an easier alternative. She could take an abortion pill, and then things could back to the way they were”¦ but could they? Could she really go back to living the life she had before, remembering the one time she almost had a baby? The more she thought about it, the more she realized that she couldn’t fully committed to having an abortion. 

What she needed right now was someone to talk to…about the whole idea of pregnancy and abortion. After a quick search online, she found the number for a national hotline”” Pregnancy Decision Line“”that might be able to answer all her questions. 

Dawn explained to her coach her situation, her doubts, and asked for some more information about abortion. The coach calmly gave a brief description of the abortion pill, how it worked, and some of the potential risks of taking it. After hearing some of the potential long term effects, Dawn felt a tremor in her soul. The “easy way” to avoid the responsibilities of becoming a parent now meant making a choice that could lead to guilt for the rest of her life.  

One way or another, life would never go back to the way it was. This new chapter of her life was here to stay, and she knew what she had to do. Dawn stopped the coach mid-sentence and told her that she was going to keep her baby. Even as the words left her lips, she felt a little thrill of excitement mixed with a little bit of fear.  

Thanks to you, women like Dawn are able to hear that what seems like an easy fix now can lead to a lifetime of regret.  

Please join us in praying for Dawn, and for other women like her, to find the help they need from our national hotline, affiliated pregnancy centers, and growing network of life-affirming partner churches.