Danielas Story Full Size

She Found Compassion”¦ Hope”¦ Help”¦ and CHOSE LIFE!

Daniela* called Pregnancy Decision Line and Chloe* answered the call at Care Net’s national hotline. 

The first few minutes of the call were filled with Daniela sharing her tear-filled story about how she found herself in this position. She was desperate to find an abortion clinic to turn back the clock.

Chloe took a deep breath.

She knew the next words she spoke could mean the difference between a lifetime of regret or two lives saved. She said a quick prayer, and prepared to share all the facts about abortion. The facts never changed, but every conversation with a caller was different. 

After Chloe laid out all the facts, Daniela made it clear she was still leaning towards abortion. Chloe’s heart was heavy. She knew what would likely happen if Daniela chose abortion: a lifetime of regret and all of its outworkings. Knowing some could still choose death was the hardest part of her job””and it never got easier any time it happened.

But just before the call ended, Daniela said she was interested in visiting a pregnancy center. Wasting no time, Chloe helped her make an appointment at a pregnancy center near her””explaining how they could take care of some of her needs: diapers, formula, baby clothes, parenting classes, and spiritual support. Before she hung up, Daniela asked if Chloe would mind giving her a call back in a few days. 

A few days later Chloe prayed and dialed Daniela’s number. Knowing that she had still been pretty committed to having an abortion when they last spoke, Chloe was thrilled when Daniela picked up the phone.

When Daniela realized it was Chloe, she excitedly told her that after talking to the staff at her local pregnancy center she’d decided to keep her baby, and had already scheduled her next appointment.

Chloe put the phone on mute for just a second, praising God and wiping joyful tears from her eyes.

Thanks to your incredible generosity, our national hotline coaches (like Chloe) are empowered to share compassion, hope, and help to the desperate women and men who call the hotline. More than that, you give mothers like Daniela a realistic alternative to choosing abortion. Please continue to pray for moms like Daniela to find voices of truth like Chloe’s. And please pray for coaches, like Chloe, to be filled with God’s wisdom, peace, and patience as they minister to these moms.