She called us in tears. 

She was home alone. She was in pain. She was scared.

Lindsey* had just taken the abortion pill, but she sensed something was wrong. The pain seemed too great. 

Emily, the coach at our national hotline who answered the phone, asked Lindsey if someone was there to take her to the doctor.

She shared her sister knew she was pregnant, but wasn’t home. Then she confided her parents didn’t know she was pregnant, but they were going to be home soon. And then she started crying even harder.

The multi-billion dollar abortion industry is creating these heartbreaking situations all across our nation. And they are becoming more and more common as Planned Parenthood and her allies work relentlessly to make at-home, chemical abortions the most common way for women to end the lives of their unborn children. 

They see profit. We see lives, made in the image of God, who need our compassion, hope, and help more than ever. As the assault on the sanctity of life continues, we are working hard to double the capacity of our national hotline – Pregnancy Decision Line – and to ensure that our networks of pregnancy centers and churches have the tools and training they need to meet women and men in their hour of need. This is how you and I can keep saving lives.

Overturning of Roe v. Wade was a great victory, but the abortion industry is now fighting harder than ever to make it easier than ever for women to access abortion. We can’t let them win. We have to fight even harder. Millions of women like Lindsey are counting on us. Their unborn babies are counting on us. The fathers of those precious babies are counting on us.

Thank you for fighting this fight with us.