The abortion pill has become the most common way that women get abortions, and it is increasing. But as it increases, the problems with the pill become more and more apparent.

Hear the story of a real caller to Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line, and how Care Net’s ministry model addresses many of the major issues that the increasing use of the abortion pill is creating. 

We’ve often said that retailers don’t want one giant location in the middle of the country such that everyone who wants their products and services has to visit that one location. No, businesses want to be everywhere the demand for their product comes up. A company like Pepsi, for example, wants to be at “every thirst occasion” — at concession stands, at sports arenas, at every place that serves food, and with machines in various public places.

Likewise, the abortion industry is a “consumer” industry. And like any industry, it wants to increase access, lower costs, and increase sales. It’s a transaction. Abortion pill sales have continued to grow through the pandemic, and now, with Roe v. Wade being overturned, the abortion industry’s efforts to increase access to the pill will increase even more. They want “locations” everywhere. You can get an abortion not just at the clinic, but in your own home.

Listen to this story from a real caller to Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line and hear what Roland Warren, President and CEO, and Vincent DiCaro, Chief Outreach Officer, of Care Net have to say as they discuss a story that is certain to become a commonplace one””and what this story has to say about the future of the abortion industry. 

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