Carolina Cover

…and helped her choose life!

Carolina* knew the joys of motherhood very well. The wonder of bringing a baby into the world. The excitement of seeing that child grow and learn, his eyes full of light and exploration. The weight of responsibility that comes with being a mom, especially an unmarried one. Carolina already had three children, but no husband to help raise them. 

That’s why her positive pregnancy test immediately sent Carolina into an emotional tailspin. How could she justify bringing another baby into her already crazy life? As a Christian, Carolina never felt great about abortion, but would God really want her to deliver another baby when she was already a single mother of three? 

She just wasn’t sure.

Fighting the Fear of the Unknown

While she looked online for anything that could help her decide what to do, she found the number for Pregnancy Decision Line and called to speak with a coach about her options. Thanks to your continued prayers and support, her coach was there, ready to talk, and able to give a safe place where Carolina could talk her about her fears and her faith.

As they spoke, Carolina was gently encouraged to think about what she knew, not just the unknowns of her unplanned pregnancy. She knew this was a baby”¦ her baby. She knew that pregnancy was hard, but she also knew she loved each of her three children. She knew that bringing a fourth child into the world would be very stressful, but that her baby would also bring his or her own joys and graces.  

Thanks to you, Carolina’s intentions began to change. For the first time since she saw that positive pregnancy test, she started feeling like she could choose life. 

Carolina’s coach could see that Carolina needed ongoing discipleship. She needed the church to surround her and help her continue on her path of choosing life and lead her down the path towards transformation through Christ. Otherwise, when doubt flared up again she might resort to abortion. 

When her coach gave her the information for her local pregnancy center she had a place to get ongoing support and help. 

Carolina’s story – and others like hers – are also why it’s so important to mobilize churches around the country to partner with local pregnancy centers and provide the long-term discipleship and support clients like Carolina need. Carolina didn’t need salvation. She was already a believer. She needed the body of Christ to come alongside her and help her walk out her faith when her circumstances seemed insurmountable and point her back to Christ to break devastating cycles in her life. 

Thank YOU for being there for Carolina. You not only ensure that moms like Carolina who call our national hotline can speak with a caring coach, you also ensure a local pregnancy center and local life-affirming church are there to empower her to experience abundant life in Jesus Christ. Moms and dads feel the life-saving love and compassion that only comes from the body of Christ because of you

Please continue to pray for Carolina and all the other moms like her facing difficult pregnancy decisions today.