With Roe v. Wade overturned, it’s more important than ever that God’s people come together to provide compassion, hope, and help to women and men considering abortion.

As you likely know, Care Net has run our national hotline, Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL), for the last decade. But, in the last six months, we’ve reevaluated and relaunched PDL so it’s ready to serve even more effectively in a post-Roe environment. 

I often say that “life decisions need life support.” Guiding a woman or man to choose life for their unborn child is a critical first step. As they base their decision largely on how much support they think they will or won’t have over their child’s lifetime, that’s where life support comes in. Life support is the material, financial, emotional, and spiritual support someone needs to choose life . . . and stick to that decision for nine months of pregnancy and beyond.

In the reinvigorated PDL, we focus more on how to sustain our support for the women and men who call. Rather than focusing on a single phone call, as critical as that first call is, we instead work””with your prayer and financial provision””to maintain contact with callers via phone, text, and other means so we can continue to help them overcome obstacles that inevitably arise over the course of an unexpected or unexpectedly complicated pregnancy.

The majority of our new PDL coaches are nurses who have the medical training to address more of the pressing concerns that women and men have when they call. Answering questions about abortion procedures and fetal development with the additional authority of a medical professional is key to the new PDL’s success.

Lastly, PDL now places an even greater focus on connecting callers to help in their own communities. By referring even more callers to local pregnancy centers and life-affirming churches (with better connections to local resources), more parents will get the longer-term support they need to sustain their life decisions. My smart phone is great, but it can’t perform a free ultrasound. Our PDL coaches are some of the most gifted people I know, but they can’t attend church with all of their callers.

With this new model, we hope and pray even more lives will be saved, more families will be formed, and more families will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

I’m so grateful for the steadfast support you’ve provided to Care Net, and specifically to PDL, and I’m delighted to report that the best is yet to come!