Knowing the why behind our decisions is extraordinarily important. Our why should determine our what. In the newest CareCast episode, Roland Warren, President and CEO of Care Net, and Vincent DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, discuss what it looks like to focus on the why of the life issue””and what can go wrong if we don’t.

This episode dives deep into the heart of the pro-life movement, beyond the surface-level debates and political maneuverings. In this CareCast, listen in as Roland and Vince discuss the importance of remembering our why so we don’t forget our what.

Listen to the newest CareCast: Getting to the Why of the Pro-Life Movement

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Podcast Overview: In this episode of CareCast, Roland and Vince tackle a crucial aspect of the pro-life movement: the underlying principles that drive action. They begin by discussing the importance of understanding the “why” behind our convictions, drawing parallels between historical movements like the abolitionist movement and the current state of the pro-life movement.

Here’s the big idea: Focus on the why and not simply the what, because it’s the why behind our decisions that should determine what we do. Roland says in this episode, “Our why is important because it determines what we do after overturning Roe.” 

Episode Highlights:

  • The Importance of the “Why”: Roland and Vince discuss the significance of understanding the underlying reasons behind our actions, drawing parallels from historical movements.
  • The Flaw in Incrementalism: They dissect the flaws in the current incremental approach to the pro-life movement, highlighting how it can undermine the core principles.
  • Political vs. Moral Perspective: Their conversation delves into the distinction between the political and moral aspects of the pro-life movement and why it’s essential to maintain moral clarity.
  • Mobilizing the Church: Roland and Vince emphasize the role of the church in making abortion unthinkable through practical actions, urging listeners to get involved.

We encourage you to listen to our newest CareCast episode and to explore all of the great resources available. CareCast is about empowering you to translate your pro-life convictions into meaningful action. With insightful commentary and practical guidance, a resource like CareCast is a light of hope for those seeking to navigate the pro-life landscape.

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