It’s clear that the next frontier of the pro-choice movement’s abortion fight is the church. In this new CareCast episode, Roland Warren, Care Net’s President and CEO, and Vincent DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, discuss the latest in what they call the double-mindedness of the pro-choice movement in our country right now.

There’s even a website that exposes this double-mindedness. It’s called Abortions Welcome and for people struggling with the spiritual component of having an abortion, Planned Parenthood links to this site as a resource. Listen in as Roland and Vince address this next frontier of the pro-choice movement’s abortion fight within the church and its pro-choice faith leaders.

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The Problem with Pro-Choice Faith Leaders and Abortion

The site says, “We’re so glad you’re here”¦abortions welcome”¦as a pro-choice spiritual companion for use before, during, and after abortion”¦” Then the site provides a number of resources to “help people deal with this issue.” It’s clear that the pro-choice movement sees the next battleground in this issue as taking Christians and making the argument that abortion is a spiritually good thing””or at least not a spiritually bad thing.

If you visit their website, you find what Vincent DiCaro rightly calls, “the theft of religious imagery and terminology to justify abortion…and paint it as being a holy thing.” We’ve known for years that abortion clinics and others have had a script for people who believe in God””who visit a clinic and say, “Hey what’s God going to think of this?” We’ve known that abortion clinics have a whole script to walk a person through why you shouldn’t have an issue with abortion, even as a person seeking spiritual guidance on this life decision.

In the marketplace, we’ve been told for years that abortion is a “morally neutral consumer product” that women want and need. That abortion is a decision not between a woman and her pastor or a woman, and her spiritual leader but it’s a decision between a woman and her doctor. The mantra has been that there’s no role for pastors in this decision. There’s no role for men in abortion. There’s no role for spiritual leaders. The decision is simply between a woman and her doctor. And now, with this website and resources, they seem to be saying, “Well, actually, the woman and her doctor and her spiritual advisor”¦we can direct them with these resources.”

So, they’re saying what Care Net has been saying all along, that abortion has a moral component and your spirituality should inform your morality. Planned Parenthood is providing these resources because there are women coming to them for abortions and they’re struggling with it spiritually””which is another way of saying they are struggling with it morally. Well, we think a woman should struggle with this decision morally; because it’s not a morally neutral decision. But rather than pointing them to the Author of Life for comfort, guidance, and peace; Planned Parenthood and their allies are sending women to the evil one.

Make no mistake, that’s what we’re seeing here. We’ve seen it in government and in business. Now the church is folding on the issue of abortion. With this website and its resources, we’re seeing the next frontier in the abortion battle, the pro-choice side is coming for the church. As those from the Pro Abundant Life movement, we must offer compassion, hope, and help to those who are struggling with this serious pregnancy decision.

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