You are here. Like GPS, you can’t reach your destination without knowing where you are, says Roland Warren, Care Net’s President and CEO. Overturning Roe was a victory, but understanding our current position is crucial for reducing abortions and supporting pregnancy decisions. Listen to latest CareCast episode for more.

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The Church’s Role in the Abortion Crisis

1. The Politicization of Abortion

Care Net’s survey found that nearly 4 in 10 women who have had abortions were regular churchgoers. Roland explains how many pastors have withdrawn rather than deal properly with abortion. He says silence from pastors has allowed a moral issue to turn more into a political one.

2. Lack of Ministry Support

Churches often dedicate a lot of resources to building ministries for those who need help, but those facing an abortion decision are often forgotten. This gap needs to be filled with dedicated pregnancy care ministries.

3. The Role of Fathers

Our survey found that pregnant women view the father of the baby as the most influential party in their decision to abort or not. Recognizing the father’s role can reduce abortion rates.

Despite these scary stats, there’s hope. Your church can learn to support those facing pregnancy decisions. Knowing where you are now will help you navigate where to go next.

You can learn more at and about how you can help those facing pregnancy decisions.

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