In this episode of CareCast tm, Roland and Vince take on the popular saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” and they explain why we really should stop saying it. 

CareCast240x240.pngAs the tragic Charlie Gard case illustrates, if you want to let the village raise your child then you have to let the village kill your child. Every village (the state) has village idiots (wrong values) that you want to keep your children away from, but if you’ve already ceded your child to the village, then it may be too late to make decisions as fundamental as deciding whether your child should live or die. You see, the village trades in its own best interests, not in the best interests of your family or your children. 

Furthermore, as Roland argues in the podcast, the Charlie Gard ruling undermines the very building block of our country, which says that there shouldn’t be taxation without representation; in other words, there can’t be responsibilities without rights. The European and British courts ruled that the Gards had responsibilities without rights. This ideology could be coming to America soon. 

Hear this discussion and much more in this episode of CareCast tm.