On March 4 and 5, 2022, Care Net hosted the Called and Missioned Pro-Life Men’s Conference at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX.

This event was the first of its kind, and men from all over the nation gathered together to learn how to turn their pro-life passion into Pro Abundant Life action.

Not only were attendees able to hear from a phenomenal lineup of pro-life speakers, many experienced healing and freedom from past abortion decisions in their own lives (watch testimonials from some of those men here).

The success of this inaugural event is a testament to the fact that this movement needs men. 

According to our recent study on men and abortion, 31% of men whose partner had an abortion said they did not give her any advice regarding her pregnancy decision; however, of that 31%, 61% said they were ready and willing to support her either way.

Equipping men to reach and disciple that 31% of expectant fathers and guide them into a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ is essential to the future of the Pro Abundant Life movement and the end of abortion as a whole.

Going forward, please pray that the men who attended this conference will stay encouraged and inspired to protect the unborn, build strong families, and serve others in their communities.

Watch the recap of the Called and Missioned Pro-Life Men’s Conference below!

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