Lyn* felt alone and scared. A positive home pregnancy test had her in an emotional tailspin.

How could she have a baby right now?

She knew what she had to do: abortion was the only way out. It’s a pretty common story. It’s heartbreaking.

The average woman facing unexpected – or unexpectedly complicated – pregnancy takes only nine days to schedule an abortion after a positive pregnancy test. Many of these women never get the chance to step outside of their situation and consider what would be best for them or their children.

Lyn called the Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) to learn more about abortion procedures.

The coach who answered her call recognized immediately that this mother was in crisis mode and began a conversation designed to bring her to the place where she could calmly and rationally consider her own situation as well as her baby’s.

As Lyn learned about the potential physical and psychological risks of abortion, she told her coach that she feared abortion would leave her with even more pain.  

Lyn knew that there was a God, and felt guilty for wanting an abortion. As she shared this, she asked coach a heartbreaking question: “How can God can still love me after everything I’ve done?”

The PDL coach took this opportunity to introduce her to the everlasting love of Christ.  

Lyn’s conversation with PDL gave her the opportunity to find peace and the transformational power of Christ during her unexpected pregnancy. When Lyn learned that God loved her, she gained the courage to love her child no matter what their future held. Lyn prayed with her coach and said that she knew God would support her.

Abortion was no longer an option.

Thank you for encouraging this mother to embrace life”¦ and find grace in the love of God!

*name changed to protect the client’s identity