Booker and Katelyn CroppedYou gave Booker and Katelyn the life support they needed to choose life for their baby!

Katelyn* was suddenly facing an unexpected,  life-altering situation.  She was late and the pregnancy test was positive. She felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do.

So many thoughts flooded Katelyn’s mind.  Some family members and friends pressured her to have an abortion.  Katelyn’s mother said she would support her either way.  But Katelyn really only cared what her  boyfriend, Booker*, the father of their baby, thought. 

In the midst of the noisy thoughts in her head, Katelyn found herself thinking that having this baby could motivate her to better herself and her situation.  She thought that maybe, just maybe, having a baby could be just the jump start she needed.  But she had no idea  where to start to find the help she needed.  She searched online and found  Care Net’s national hotline, Pregnancy Decision Line, and decided to see if they could give her some answers.  

Katelyn nervously made the call.  A comforting voice on the other end of the line welcomed her.  Katelyn felt the hotline coach’s compassion during their conversation and opened up about a previous abortion. She explained that she made a decision after that: that she would never have another abortion again.  In a follow-up email to her coach, Katelyn shared that she had decided that she was definitely having the baby! She told her coach that her boyfriend had been the driving force behind her decision and how grateful she was to have his complete support. 

Katelyn has newfound joy in starting a family, and your generous contributions to Care Net make that possible. Your generosity provides great resources like Care Net’s national hotline for parents considering abortion and its curriculum to prepare churches for pro-life ministry. Your support of fathers, like Booker, ensures that women have the support they need to choose life.  THANK YOU!