Earlier this year, Care Net released a national study on men and abortion. We asked 1,000 men who had participated in at least one abortion in their past to share about  their experience, how they felt about it, and how different parts of our culture “” such as churches “” affected their decision.  

The results made one thing clear: men play a significant role in the choices women make about their pregnancies. As a Pro Abundant Life movement, it’s up to us to help men make a positive impact on pregnancy decisions, not a negative one. 

As I reviewed men’s responses about why they advocated for abortion, I couldn’t help but think of the birth of Christ  that we’re about to celebrate… and of two men who played such dramatically different roles in His story – Joseph and Herod.  

You see, when Mary became pregnant with Jesus, Joseph had a decision to make. Was he going to “put her away quietly” or be a husband to Mary and an earthly father to Jesus? By God’s grace, he listened to God and chose the latter, whatever it meant for his reputation and future.  

Meanwhile, Herod (who called himself Herod the Great) thought greatness was a living for one’s own glory. So, when he heard a “king” was born who could threaten his power, he tried to  kill him.  

When faced with a “life decision,” these two men chose very differently. Joseph chose to sacrifice himself for his child, while Herod chose to sacrifice the child for himself. Because of Joseph’s sacrifice, Mary’s unplanned pregnancy (from a human perspective) wasn’t a crisis pregnancy and she was well supported when she chose life. But sadly, too many men today choose as Herod did.  

But if Christmas teaches us anything, it’s that there’s always hope in Christ! Pregnancy centers, churches, and Christ’s people can always step in with love and compassion for both women and men that empowers them to choose life for their unborn children, abundant life for their families, and eternal life in Christ.  

That’s the work you make possible with your support of Care Net, and by being a light for Christ and life in your local community! Merry Christmas!