Care Net presented 7 awards at its 2015 National Conference to winners selected from over 1,100 affiliates. Centers and leaders earmed the awards by serving the women and men in their communities. 

“Thanks to the dedication of these leaders, tens of thousands of women and men have been empowered to make life-affirming pregnancy decisions and have been supported in their choice,” Care Net VP of Center Services and Client Care Cynthia Hopkins said.

Wayne Pregnancy Care Center of Goldsboro, NC won the Guy Condon Presidential Award, for a holistic approach to client care. The Wayne Pregnancy Care Center emphasizes marriage, fatherhood, and motherhood. This center also focuses on “life support,” the number of churches willing to provide ongoing support for mothers and couples.

The Gospel Presentation Award was for urban, suburban, and rural centers with the most gospel presentations to their clients. The   Women’s Enrichment Center in Lancaster, SC won the Gospel Presentation for a rural area, while the the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston won the surburban Gospel Presentation Award.  Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada won the urban area award for Gospel Presentation. 

Rural, suburban, and urban centers with the most clients at the highest risk for abortion received the Critical Client Award. Three centers received the Critical Client Award:
o    Echoz Pregnancy Care Center in Great Falls, MT (rural)
o    Care Net Medical Services in Waco, TX (suburban)
o    Pregnancy Care Center in Fresno, CA (urban)

“Because life decisions require life support, it is our pleasure to recognize the excellence of these centers as they provide material, emotional, and spiritual support to women and men facing pregnancy decisions,” Care Net President and CEO Roland Warren said.

The Teal Heart Award went to pregnancy center leaders based on their years of service to those making pregnancy decisions in their communities.

  • 18 leaders received the 5-year award.
  • 13 leaders received the 10-year award.
  • 11 leaders received the 15-year award.
  • 3 leaders received the 20-year award.
  • 4 leaders received the 25-year award.



5 Years of Service
o    Casey Angulo
o    Lisa Boie
o    Mary Bron
o    Elizabeth Chechile
o    Tammy Dallmann
o    Sandi Gauthier
o    Erika Hernandez
o    Michelle Kelly
o    Janet Lyons
o    Wendy Merrill
o    Bobbie Meyer
o    Heidi Navarro
o    Julie Philyaw
o    Patti Quartuccio
o    Susan Skoglund
o    Brenda Titus
o    Susan Voehl

10 Years of Service
o    Tonya Baker Nelson
o    Debra Burchfield
o    Tina Harrell
o    Gina Kennedy
o    Nanda Kirkpatrick
o    Sue Leavins
o    Bonnie Mitchell
o    Mona Parish
o    Luciana Urban
o    Jane Wahl
o    Victoria Wildt
o    Charles Wolford II
o    Barbara Younge

15 Years of Service


Sherrie Bicksler
o    Cindi Boston
o    Sue Chess
o    Susan DeMara
o    Monica Galloway
o    Carol Graham
o    Aimee Huber
o    Linda Stradley
o    Jill Taylor
o    Susan Topper
o    Laurie Turnow


20 Years of Service


Brenda Fernandes
o    Patty Iseri
o    Keri Muir


25 Years of Service


Lorrie Erli
o    Deb Kobes
o    Pamela Palumbo
o    Melinda Gardner