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Anna’s past several months had been very trying. The man she was with left her as soon as he found out she was pregnant. She’d recently lost her job. Just being pregnant was an added stress that she didn’t know how to handle. Anna also didn’t have much family around. 

Part of a small church, she didn’t really have many Christian friends her age because most of the congregation was older. While Anna never believed in abortion before, she found herself contemplating it because she couldn’t see any other way out of her current predicament. She didn’t think they’d understand, and she felt alone! She desperately needed someone to talk to.


Going online, she searched for pregnancy help and one of the first links that came up was Pregnancy Decision Line, Care Net’s national hotline. Her interest sparked, so she clicked on the link. When it promised her a place to talk to someone anonymously, she dialed the number.

Anna’s conversation with the hotline coach was amazing. She was pleasantly surprised to be speaking with someone who provided compassion, hope, and help along with the truth of Scripture. The Gospel message that the coach gave resonated with Anna, giving her the assurance and hope that choosing life was the right thing to do. Praise God!

Your generous support of Care Net helps ensure there is always someone to support women like Anna. Your partnership gives moms and dads hope to choose life through our hotline, affiliated pregnancy centers, and churches we’ve trained for pro-life ministry.

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