Amber* and her boyfriend had already talked about her pregnancy. She thought they were going to have their baby and be a family. She thought he’d be there for her. But then, she discovered that he’d been lying to her all along. Suddenly, Amber went from facing an unplanned pregnancy with the support of the father of her baby, to facing it alone.

All her plans went out the window, leaving abortion as the only “realistic” option in her mind. But there was one big problem: Amber was already five months pregnant. Second trimester abortions are expensive and fewer abortion providers offer them, so she went online to research her options.

Thanks to your generosity, she saw an ad for Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line and called to speak with one of our trained coaches. As soon as the conversation began, Amber’s coach realized that Amber wanted to talk about more than abortion. She wanted to talk about God and what His will could be in all of this. As they spoke, Amber realized that God loved her, that He loved her baby, and that she needed to accept His forgiveness for her sins.

Without hesitation, Amber gave her heart to Jesus right there on the phone. Filled with the peace and presence of Christ, she went from talking about abortion with her coach to making an adoption plan. Because of your faithful support of our national hotline, she knew that was not alone. She understood that she would never be alone again, and because of God’s work in Amber and your support, two lives were saved”” one from abortion and the other for eternity.

Every day, the staff and volunteers of Care Net’s network of affiliated pregnancy centers, the coaches on our national hotline, and our trained church partners seek opportunities to share the transformative hope of the Gospel with clients. We do this because we want more than just heartbeats. We want heartbeats that are heaven-bound.

If our response to abortion is primarily transactional, just baby bottles and diapers, then it’s more likely that the same woman will be back again in 1-2 years with a new boyfriend and a new unexpected pregnancy. According to Planned Parenthood’s own numbers, most of the women who come to them for abortions have already had a prior abortion. Through your support, Care Net clients are introduced to the hope and help of Christ. We don’t offer them merely a transaction, but also the kind of transformation that only Christ can bring.

Every gift you give to Care Net does more than provide immediate material support to parents considering abortion; it ensures that lives are saved now and for eternity. Thank you!