On May 8th, Noble will be in theaters.

It is the true story of Christina Noble who, while growing up in an abusive family, had a vision of helping girls in post-war Vietnam. As an adult, she fought to make that dream a reality as she worked to help the orphans of Vietnam who were being abused as slaves in the sex trade and abandoned on the streets.

It is a story of passionate love, and a fiery determination to help the most vulnerable in society.

Listen to why Care Net president and CEO thinks you should see this important film…


Join us in watching the Noble movie May 8th.

Posted by Care Net on Monday, May 4, 2015


We at Care Net believe Noble is an indispensable “pro-life” film. I put “pro-life” in quotes because it is not your typical pro-life movie, like Bella or October Baby. Rather it powerfully illustrates several important principles that lay the foundation of a pro-life worldview:

  • Every life has a purposeNoblePost02042015
  • Every life has inherent value and dignity 
  • One of life’s highest callings is to serve the most vulnerable among us
  • One woman, despite significant challenges, can make a huge difference in her life and in the lives of those around her. 

Christina Noble, the heroine of the film, has helped set up 100 centers providing protection, education, and health care for nearly one million children. Most of the children served by Noble’s efforts are the abused, the orphaned, the impoverished, the neglected, or the disabled. But her love and support have given these children hope, life, and joy. Sadly, these are sorts of children that pro-choice advocates often argue would have been “better off” not having been born. I doubt that Christina Noble and the children she’s saved would agree. 

Go see her incredible, gritty story in theaters tomorrow (Friday, May 8). Find where it is playing here