“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” 
Luke 2:14 KJV

Our peace matters to God.

The world, however, can’t deliver the peace that the soul seeks. True peace””the perfect peace of the Lord, like man knew in the Garden before the Fall””has to come from Him.

But the world is really loud, filling our ears with all kinds of misinformation about how one finds peace. About what peace even is.

Is it financial security? Is it health? Is it having a ten year plan, and being eight years in? A good family? The ancient Israelites had just as many different ideas about what “peace” looked like as we do.

To make it loud and clear, God sent his Son to us. After generations of separation from God, after countless bridges made of sacrifices, mankind was offered the opportunity to walk again with God in the flesh on earth. Not just “a” peace, but the Prince of Peace.

The Lamb of God was born in a manger””maybe among a few other sheep mingled with the donkeys and cattle””to be the last blood sacrifice that the Father demanded of the world.

He wrapped his only Son in a mortal skin, to walk among us. To teach us. So we could hear from his mouth what peace is. And then to die for us.

Because of His birth, His life, and His death, we can know and have peace, and have it eternally.

This week, please join us in praying for:

For the the Lord’s peace to settle on expectant mothers and fathers, that they would not worry for a future with their children, and they would find peace and security in the knowledge that God holds their futures and accept the Prince of Peace’s lordship over their situations.

For ourselves, that we would be instruments of peace to our family, friends, and neighbors, including those who may be struggling with unexpected””or unexpectedly complicated””pregnancies.

Thank you for praying with us this week!

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