toni_thumbnail“Find someone that you can confide in. Find someone that you can trust. Begin the healing process.” 

After her father trafficked her, Toni thought her worth came only from serving men. To escape, she moved out with her boyfriend, thinking she was safe. When Toni became pregnant, she and her boyfriend disagreed on what to do. 

Toni shares how she was forced into an abortion and the following years of blaming herself. When she opened up, she found healing and discovered God’s love. By knowing her worth and value comes from God, Toni was freed from her self-condemnation.

Toni McKinley is a founder of Crowns of Hope and Americans Against Forced Abortion.

About the Abundant Life video series: The Abundant Life video series will explore the lives of men and women impacted by the pregnancy decisions they’ve made. Each episode will tell an emotionally charged story of how they have overcome the most difficult odds to enjoy the abundant life that God has in store for all of us.