cami_thumbnail“When I found myself with an unplanned pregnancy, my emotions were of fear, I was scared, ashamed, and felt alone.”

Although Cami grew up in a Christian family, she explains that she perceived God as a God who judges, not one who loves. When she found herself unmarried and pregnant, she feared the shame such a pregnancy would bring to her family. Abortion seemed to be the only option. Harboring this secret for 25 years, Cami finally released her secret and found healing in a Care Net postabortive recovery program. Cami shares how the Bible study helped her to know that God does love her.

If you or anyone you know needs help or an understanding person to talk to, feel free to refer them to our real time call center, or a local pregnancy center.

About the Abundant Life video series: The Abundant Life video series will explore the lives of men and women impacted by the pregnancy decisions they’ve made. Each episode will tell an emotionally charged story of how they have overcome the most difficult odds to enjoy the abundant life that God has in store for all of us.