Screen_Shot_2015-02-18_at_4.13.48_PM“So many people are on the way to heaven but they aren’t enjoying the journey.”

Sol Pitchon is the President and CEO of New Life Solutions Pregnancy Center in Florida. Sol comes from a Jewish background. Both his parents were Holocaust survivors.

In this video he tells the story of his mother’s providential sparing while on the operating table during a Nazi experiment in Auschwitz.  He shares how his mother’s experience in the holocaust inspired him to get involved in the holocaust of our time and work to protect innocent life from abortion.  You can view more of his powerful story on their website. 

About the Abundant Life video series: The Abundant Life video series will explore the lives of men and women impacted by the pregnancy decisions they’ve made. Each episode will tell an emotionally charged story of how they have overcome the most difficult odds to enjoy the abundant life that God has in store for all of us.