vince_dicaro_prolifecon.pngAt Family Research Council’s annual ProLifeCon, Vince DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer, shared seven keys to effective digital marketing

The most important concept in digital marketing is to be a magnet for your audience. Ask not what your audience can do for your website, but what your website can do for your audience.

Don’t ask how your visitors can help you accomplish your goals – traffic, explosure, readership, subscriptions, donations, etc. Rather, ask how your site can be a tool to help your visitors. Make it a magnet to attract them.

The principle Inbound marketing is a strategy you can use to grow your audience, not just in empty numbers, but in engaged fans.

There are Seven Steps to Effective Inbound Marketing.

1) Know who you want to reach.

a. create personas
b. answer questions about who they are,
c. what they care about,
d. and what their pain points are.

2) Create great content that answers their questions or scratches their itches.

ACE your content. Create Authentic, Energetic, and Consistent content

3) Use Social Media, SEO, and blogging to push that content out.

4) Put content behind forms that require downloaders to give their email address.

This is not just a blog sign up; this is giving them something they need to do their job or be the person they want to be. 

5) Thank them and follow up with them right away (workflows) so they know that you care. Those who are annoyed will unsubscribe.

6) Start communicating with your audience regularly through scheduled and one-off emails.

7) Repeat Steps 2-5, repeatedly.

Examples of Compelling Content

1) For Life advocates – 10 Things Not to Do When a Woman Tells You She Wants an Abortion

2) For Pregnancy center workers – 7 Keys to Becoming a Center of Excellence

3) For General public – Top 25 Abortion Statistics In America

4) Overall message – pro abundant life!

Results from Care Net’s Digital Marketing

  • doubled its email list in a year (affiliates, donors, and general public).
  • went from zero email addresses from “regular people” to thousands
    (previously the only email addresses we had were donors and affiliates)
  • tripled web traffic from December 2014 to December 2015.