December is the month for giving! For those dedicated to promoting abundant life, this is also the time of year when so many ask: What can I do to help?

Here are six gifts you can give this Christmas to support the pro-abundant life cause!

1. Prayer

As the Bible reminds us, we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. Our battle is a spiritual one that requires a lot of our “fighting” to be done on our knees, in prayer. Pray for the men and women who work with those facing crisis pregnancies. Pray for all of our Care Net affiliates and for our leadership and staff at Care Net as we continue to promote abundant life in a culture of darkness. Would you set aside time this month to pray for us? Here’s a link to a great 40-day pro-life devotional that will give you a daily reminder to pray:


2. Encouragement

Have you ever had a really hard season and then, out of the blue, had someone encourage you? Encouragement breathes life into weary souls. The work of promoting abundant-life isn’t always easy. Would you consider who you know who’s doing great work in this arena and needs some encouragement? It can be something as simple as an email or as generous as sending a small gift or gift card. You can even encourage the work of Care Net by following us on Facebook or pressing like when you see an article that makes you smile. Your encouragement will mean a lot. Who can you encourage today?


3. Spread the News

Care Net President and CEO, Roland Warren, has written two phenomenal resources to excite people about the Pro Abundant Life movement. These two booklets are inexpensive and easy to hand out to people at church, friends in your community, or others whom you know care deeply about the cause of life. Why not hand a few of these out this year? Choose between: Why We Must be Pro-Abundant Life and Why We Can’t End Abortion Without Discipleship. Who do you know that would benefit from these books?


4. Get the Shirt

While culture tells women to #shoutyourabortion, why not wear a shirt that tastefully shows you stand for life? Care Net has created these attractive choose abundant life t-shirts. The shirt comes in adult sizes. They make great gifts for friends or loved ones who are passionate about promoting life.  Why not make a fashionable statement for life?


5. Consider Starting a Making Life Disciples Group in 2020

How does your church respond to the abortion crisis? Are their people in your church who are equipped to disciple women and men facing pregnancy decisions? Making Life Disciples is an easy-to-implement program that equips your church to be a beacon of light and hope for life in your community. Did you know 4 in 10 women who get abortions regularly attend church? Through starting a Making Life Disciples program in your church, you can make a significant impact. Learn more here.


6. Contribute to Care Net

Approximately 2,500 unborn children are expected to lose their lives to abortion today. Care Net is committed to reaching their parents with a message that counteracts the one they’re receiving from this culture. Care Net works tirelessly to reach them with the life-saving, life-changing hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through transforming hearts, Care Net saves lives. But, we can’t do it without your support. Would you consider making a year-end contribution to Care Net? Any amount you give will be a help to our work and make twice the impact due to a matching challenge. Use this link to donate or to find out more: