Esme went online searching for information about abortion. It seemed like her only option. However, by God’s grace, she found Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line and was connected to a coach who gave her the support and care she needed to make a different choice.

Through tears, Esme admitted that she needed someone to talk to because she didn’t know what to do. Her coach provided a safe and compassionate place for her to sort through her fears about the pregnancy. As Esme’s emotions settled, she remembered that God loved her. She told her coach, “God has a plan for my baby.”

This was just the beginning of Esme’s testimony. It is one of many inspirational vignettes included in “A Lifeline of Hope,” Care Net’s 40-Day Devotional inspired by stories of its Pregnancy Decision Line.

Care Net’s Pregnancy Decision Line (PDL) is a national call center offering immediate pregnancy decision coaching and medical support. Each year, Care Net connects approximately 4,000 callers (95% begin the call determined to abort) with the goal of moving them from a desire to abort to a posture of life, connecting them with a local Pregnancy Center, and sharing the Gospel as the Lord opens the door.

The PDL is a “lifeline” for men and women facing unexpected pregnancies – callers who may be drowning in desperation, frozen with the fear of what the future holds, or blindsided by abandonment.

“Our Pregnancy Decision Line is absolutely amazing,” said Roland Warren, Care Net’s President and CEO.

“I’m always blown away when I hear about the calls that we take and the way our pregnancy decision line coaches handle those calls. Our coaches, many of whom are nurses, are there to provide emotional and spiritual support around some of the questions that people have: What’s involved in an abortion? What are my options? What are the different community resources I can access to help me make this decision?”

“A Lifeline of Hope” includes 40 amazing testimonies that will encourage and inspire. There is a wide range of compelling stories of how the PDL impacts and blesses callers every day: women who had a change of heart and chose life for their babies, men who found the courage to assume their God-ordained role as fathers, couples on the brink of separation and abortion who were inspired to trust the Lord for a new beginning, and a myriad of other potentially fatal scenarios that were miraculously reversed.

Each devotional includes two Bible verses and a prayer at the end. Readers are invited to join Care Net’s Pro Abundant Life Movement by meditating on the verses and seeking Him in prayer each day for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies, those considering abortion, and the continued impact of our Pregnancy Decision Line.

“A Lifeline of Hope,” Care Net’s 40-Day Devotional inspired by stories of its Pregnancy Decision Line, and is available free by clicking here.