Since 1995, November has been National Adoption month. Now, each year the Administration for Children and Families’ Children’s Bureau celebrates through various events and celebrations. Non-profit organizations across the country join in the celebration to promote the benefits of adoption!

Care Net applauds the many organizations around the globe that work hard to foster and promote adoption. Each of our Care Net affiliated centers offer women facing unplanned pregnancies information about adoption as well as specifics regarding the various types of adoption plans now available.

Adoption is life changing””not just for the adopted children, but for adoptive parents as well. Many who long for children have dreams fulfilled through the option of adoption.

Do you have an adoption story? Has adoption touched your life in some way? We’d love to hear it! Leave us your note in the comments below.

Meanwhile, here are four ways you can celebrate National Adoption Month!

1) Change the Story on Social Media

Let’s face it: there’s so much bad news on social media these days, it’ll make your stomach churn. Why not share your adoption story as a positive alternative to the negative news buzz? Post a picture from your adoption legalization date or share a story of your family now and share a bit of your journey. Sharing your story will encourage other families considering adoption. It can also help educate younger people so they understand the positives of adoption. Search for the #NationalAdoptionMonth (and use it in your post) to read other hope-filled stories.

2) Say ‘Thank You’

November isn’t just National Adoption Month, it’s also a month where we take time to be thankful! Who were the key players in your adoption story? Are there lawyers, social workers, respite workers, or others who played a key role in the adoption process that you should thank? The professionals involved in facilitating adoptions are in the thick of the struggle. They work tirelessly to help families and birth parents through the process. Your encouragement means a lot to them!

3) Educate Others About Adoption

Adoption has changed a lot over the last few decades. Do you know the different options with adoption? Do you know where to send someone looking for information on how to adopt? Have you talked to your children about what adoption is and how it helps children find homes? Let’s face it, adoption doesn’t dominate the headlines and it’s rarely spoken of in our schools. Unless we take it upon ourselves to know about adoption and to share that information with our family and friends, who will?

4) Support Your Local Care Net Center

Your financial support of Care Net or you local Care Net affiliate means that thousands of families each month, across the country, will learn that adoption is a viable option for them. Instead of being forced down the path of abortion, men and women facing unplanned pregnancy will learn that there’s another way. Pregnancy decision coaches at our centers are equipped and knowledgeable to help expecting parents connect with caring organizations to help them facilitate adoption if they so choose. Your support helps these centers in all that they do to foster life. This giving season, won’t you consider adding your local center or Care Net to your gifts list?