Top_25_Abortion_Statistics_In_America_COVERgallup_wuDo you know many abortions have occurred since Roe v. Wade in 1973?

Did you know that from 1990-2011, the number of abortions fell 34 percent?

Care Net has compiled an extensive collection of abortion related statistics answering these questions and more. “Top 25 Abortion Statistics in America” is available to download for free today.

With over two pages of statistics, and more than a page of footnotes, this is an invaluable resource to empower informed pro-life advocates.

Other statistics gathered deal with topics such as abortion demographics, who women involve in their abortion decision, and what attitudes Americans hold regarding abortion. 

Well documented data equips everyone to speak knowledgeably about the abortion issue. This enables us to engage in discussion with accurate reliable information. By knowing the reality of the abortion issue, we can be best equipped to speak the truth in love.

As you read through this set of statistics, consider how you can engage with others as a pro-life advocate.