OIn January 31, 2017, Care Net will mail to each donor a statement of the donations received in the calendar year 2016.

Occasionally, errors appear on these statements, and we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
If you believe an error has been made, ALL inquiries should be sent to donors@care-net.org.
If you made a donation to Care Net and it is NOT showing on your 2016 Giving Statement, please first verify that you made this donation to the Care Net national office. 
Each local pregnancy center is a separate entity and independent 501(c)(3), and they each process donations separately from Care Net national. Please contact your local center for donations you made to them.  

If you believe a donation is missing, please provide the following:

  1. The full name and account number as they appear on the top of the 2015 Giving Statement
  2. Date of donation
  3. Amount of donation
  4. Form of payment (check, credit card, EFT)
  5. Where the donation was mailed (Lansdowne, VA or Topeka, KS)
  6. If the donation was made by check, has the check cleared your account? If possible, please provide a PDF copy of the cleared check in your email.
  7. If the donation was made by credit card, has the charge shown up on a credit card statement/bank statement? 

If you do not recognize a donation on your statement, please provide:

  1. The full name and account number as they appear on the top of the 2016 Giving Statement.
  2. Date of the donation
  3. Amount of donation
If you do not have access to the internet to email Care Net, please fax the above information to: Care Net Donor Relations at 703-554-8735
Our address is: 44180 Riverside Parkway, Suite 200, Lansdowne, VA  20176
Our federal tax ID is: 54-1382723
Thank you very much for your life-saving support in 2016!