Screen_Shot_2015-02-02_at_7.31.03_PMWhile most of the post-Super Bowl commerical discussion will focus on the depressing Nationwide commercial, this year’s commercials had quite another surprise. While in past years, fathers have been the butt of jokes in commercials, this year there were at least two powerful commercials celebrating them.

This difference was something noticed by quite a few people on twitter.


1.) #RealStrength ad from Dove.

This commerical showed children of all ages calling out “Daddy” as their fathers helped them with life.  The ad finishes with “What makes a man stronger? Showing that he cares.”


2.) My Bold Dad by Toyota

It shows the story of a father driving his daughter as she grows up in his Toyota Camry while a voiceover says, “Being a dad is more than being a father. It’s a choice. A choice to get hurt rather than to hurt. To be bold when others are scared. A choice that says you’ll be there, to show them right from wrong – by your words and by your actions. Being a dad is more than being a father. It’s a commitment. One that will make a wonderful human being who will make their own choices some day.

Sadly, there was one ad which went out of its way to denigrate boys and fatherhood.  Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler starred in an ad for T-Mobile showing off how incredible the reception was.  At one point, Silverman was delivering a baby.  As she hands the baby to the parents, she says, “Sorry, it’s a boy.”  The parents immediately frown.  This ad sparked quite a debate.

When he saw it, our Chief Outreach Officer, tweeted his outrage.

Salon responded defending the ad arguing people can’t be sexist against males, because males are the perpetrators of systemic sexism.  

What are your thoughts? Did you notice a change in ads this year?  Were you concerened by the Sarah Silverman ad? What was your favorite ad or your worst?